Saturday, 6 December 2014

Angelina Jolie Got So ''Skinny'' While Filming Unbroken: ''She Was Not Eating Much," Says Co-Star

It sounds like Angelina Jolie was one dedicated director while making her new WWII movie, Unbroken.

In a new interview with HuffPost Live, Unbroken co-stars Garrett Hedlund, Jack O'Connell, Miyavi and Finn Wittrock revealed what it was like being directed by the Oscar winner.

"It was surprising how much she trusted me, all of us, on the set," Miyavi said. "She was so determined. I was also surprised how skinny she got. You know, she was not eating much. I felt so bad I was the only one who got fat during filming."

"Thanks to her attitude and determination, everyone was able to be on the same page," the Japanese star added.

"She was extremely collaborative and sort of inspired the whole time," Hedlund said. "I think because she's an actress she loves watching the actors kind of get a little mental and sort of cram and trial and error and figure things out. And I think it makes her smile."

Wittrock chimed in, "She was our leader. She was also very collaborative and very curious about what you had to bring and it's like, 'Let's figure it out together.' That said, she does have a real vision for the movie."

"She never pretended to be an expert on everything either," O'Connell dished. "There wasn't that pretense. She was happy to learn with us."

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