Friday, 19 December 2014

Amanda Bynes Wants to Transfer to USC and Become a Trojan!

It looks like Amanda Bynes wants to become a Trojan!

Bynes was spotted taking a tour of the University of Southern California, where she is hoping to become a student! She used to study at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Diego, Calif., but apparently has decided that USC is the school for her!

The former Amanda Show star has been remaining low key after she emerged on Twitter earlier this fall and wrote menacing things about her father and family. She has tweeted since, but her posts have been much less harmful has ones that appeared previously. Now, she seems to be focused on getting into the Trojan school.

Other USC students noticed the actress' presence on campus and also took to the social medium to post about it. A student named Hallie enthusiastically tweeted, "IM WITHHIN 20 FEET OF AMANDA BYNES IM NOT KIDDING SHES TOURING USC," while another student named Morgan wrote, "Amanda Bynes is touring USC right now.. This is not a drill the Bynes is on campus."

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