Friday, 13 February 2015

Blake Lively Makes Her First Official Appearance Since Giving Birth--and Looks as If She Were Never Even Pregnant!

Blake Lively gave birth a little over a month ago--but you'd never know it by looking at her!

The Age of Adaline actress made her first official appearance since welcoming daughter James Reynolds during New York Fashion Week Thursday. Looking stylish and svelte, Lively posed for photographers before the Gabriela Cadena fashion show. The 27-year-old actress was joined by her mom, Elaine Lively.

And though Blake most certainly did give birth in early January, it appears that her post-baby body has already returned to its pre-baby shape. How did she do it? It's not like the Preserve founder has been dieting like a madwoman! In preparation for Valentine's Day, she's been making cookies in her kitchen.

Yes, that's right. Blake has been busy baking. And she looks like that.

Not. Fair.
On Tuesday, the Gossip Girl star shared a sneak peek at her sweet treats via Instagram. " Ahh! About to talk to @darcymiller on @marthastewart radio on Sirius xm 109 in 30 mins! I just woke up. Time to start thinking of fun VDAY ideas to share!" she wrote in the caption. The frosting was inspired by song lyrics from Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Florence + The Machine: "Haters Gonna Hate," "Love Me Like XO," "You've Got the Love." The idea came to lively from In God We Trust's "Sweet Nothings" jewelry collection. "The necklaces take the idea of a sweet nothing, and completely flip it on its head. Bitch, please. They're meant to be ironic. They're the sassy version of conversation hearts. But they don't turn into chalk dust in your mouth. We're obsessed," the editors at Blake's lifestyle and ecommerce site said.

"We're gifting them to all our favorite lady friends this Valentine's Day with these Jell-o frosted conversation cookies we made at The Blakery," the Preserve editors said. "Sugary and statement-making. Display them as conversation pieces, on the High Tea for Alice stands. Conversations will be abuzz for days--they're decorated with go-to one-liners from our favorite femme power ballads, which by the way, we arranged into a playlist called Modern Romance. Try to listen to it without singing. It can't be done."

After sharing the Instagram teaser, Blake went into further detail about her baked goods when she spoke to Martha Stewart Weddings' editorial director Darcy Miller on Weddings Hour on Sirius XM.

"We wanted to have Valentines that were for people who were in the spirit, but we also wanted to have anti-Valentines. We were making these cookies with my mama, and we were making cookies that reflected the sayings on the necklaces that we're selling--In God We Trust necklaces--on Preserve. We were writing one that said 'Be My Valentine' to have a traditional one, and my mom said, 'So many girls and so many guys are burned on Valentine's Day, and they don't want to be celebrating with you. I'm glad you're happy and in love, but what about the people who aren't?' She said, 'Write a Not on there. Be NOT my Valentine.' And I said, 'Mom, Dad's an English professor. He's going to freak out! Be Not My Valentine doesn't make sense!' She's like, 'Just write it in big red letters.' She was just standing up for all the people who hate Valentine's Day. It was like, 'Do you and Dad need to talk? What's going on?"

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