Monday, 20 October 2014

WWE Diva Rosa Mendes Reveals She Is Bisexual: "I Have Been With Girls Before"

On the first of two back-to-back Total Divas episodes last night, Brie Bella and hubby Daniel Bryan have some financial issues, Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle make a big move with Ariane and Vinnie and much more!

First off, Brie starts telling Nikki Bella and Nattie Neidhart about the recent burglary at their house. She explains that Bryan chased them down and the cops eventually showed up and caught them.

In some happier news, Brie and Bryan find out they're invited to the Teen Choice Awards! So, obviously Brie is most excited for a new outfit!

But Bryan isn't as enthused.

He starts to examine her closet and shows her all the different dress options she already has for the red carpet!

Bryan even models one for her...

Next up, Eva Marie and Jonathan are packing up their house and are getting ready for their big move back to California, but they aren't doing it alone! They are road tripping there with Ariane and Vinnie.

Meanwhile, Rosa meets up with a model she met on the internet named Chad. She had lots of fun with Cleveland Browns player Gary Barnidge in last week's episode, but she hasn't heard back from him and decided to meet other guys, too!

Chad takes her to a trampoline bounce house where they jump around and look adorable.

They even have a heart-to-heart about their dating lives...

Eva and Ariane head to pick up their trailer for the big move and they aren't too sure about driving this thing all the way to California.

Next up, Nikki and Brie head to dinner with their brother and Mom for her 50th birthday!

Since she didn't get her mom a gift, she offered to pay for dinner for everyone. But Bryan quickly calls her very upset that she spent so much money without talking to him first.

See the intense moment!

Stephanie McMahon then meets with the Divas to share some exciting news! They will be doing a breast cancer campaign with Susan G. Komen.

But the tone of the episode quickly turns when Rosa walks up to Summer Rae and her guest at the match, Gary. Yes, that same Gary that Rosa went out with!

So, Rosa confronts Summer Rae and asks her "what the hell is going on?!"

Rosa adds, "Here I am defending you to all the girls and now you go behind my back." She feels extremely betrayed by Summer and is disappointed in her choices.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, Eva and Ariane wait for Vinnie to arrive in Florida to join them for their big road trip. But, when Jonathan hands out the itineraries that he has made and planned out for everyone, the girls make fun of him for being OCD.

Next, Brie takes Nikki shopping for a new dress for the Teen Choice Awards. Of course she finds the perfect vintage dress, but it's way too expensive for Bryan's approval, so she has Nikki buy it for her.

Next, Vinnie has finally arrived and it's time to start making their way to California!

Their first stop on the itinerary is a very secluded area, much different than what they're used to and Eva drives them around in a tractor!

But then Vinnie wants to stay for awhile and drive the tractor too while Eva and Ariane are taking pictures. Jonathan is not having it.

Back in Flordia, Brie and Nikki head to a coffeehouse to take a caffeine break in their day and Bryan immediately calls Brie after she pays and asks why she spent $22 on coffee. Nikki tells Brie how weird it is that he is so controlling and that she should not live like that.

On the road trip, Ariane, Eva, Jonathan and Vinnie are behind schedule so they need to redirect their route. But of course the only hotel with a reservation left, has only one room!

Meanwhile, Rosa continues being on the prowl, and meets up with a guy named Nate that she met on Instagram. He tells her that he's, "looking for someone to relate to." Then Rosa adds that she's given up alcohol but is "really horny."

They then discuss their turn offs, and he immediately says forward women. Awkward.

The crew gets to their "hotel" but it really looks like the haunted mansion. There's a letter waiting for the

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