Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shailene Woodley: ''I Love'' Racy Sex Scene in New Film: ''It's Kind of Sexy, but Kind of Disturbing

It's no secret that Shailene Woodley was comfortable stripping down for her latest flick White Bird in a Blizzard, but her racy sex scene with Thomas Jane is already raising some eyebrows.

In the film, the 22-year-old star plays Kat Conner, a teenager who is just 17 years old when her mother disappears, leading her life to spiral into chaos just as she discovers her sexuality.

E! News caught up with the Divergent beauty at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, where she dished on her nude scene in the Greg Araki-directed flick, explaining why the "sexuality component" was crucial to the drama.

"When you're a teenager you're exploring all different parts of yourself for the first time. Whether it be cheating on a test to having a first boyfriend to making love for the first time to getting in your first fights," she said. "And a lot of films that deal with young people capture many of those regions, but they sort of leave the sexuality component out of it. And I think it's an important part of all of our process, no matter if you're a teenager or if you're in your twenties, or however old you are. I admire and I love that Greg is not afraid to incorporate those parts of being a teenager in this film."

Asked about the headline-making sex scene during which she sleeps with a much older man, Woodley was quick to point out that making mistakes is all part of growing up.

"That's the thing about being a young person. You make mistakes, you're like 'Stop! Don't do that! Don't do that!' but you're meant to fall on your face, you're meant to have experiences you wouldn't necessarily have when you're older," she explained.

Still, she says of the scandalous moment, "That scene in particular, you kind feel wrong watching it, but you kind of can't stop watching it, it's kind of sexy but it's kind of disturbing you know? I love it."

As for whether the Descendants beauty is willing to strip down for a future film?

"The thing with nudity is, it's not something that as an actor you're like, 'I'm going to be nude it in.' You know? If nudity lends itself to a particular artistic creation then I think it's up to the discretion of the particular screenplay and the story," she said.

Despite her immense success, Woodley says she stays grounded in Tinseltown by ''being human.''

"We all wake up with bad breath in the morning," she added with a laugh. "I feel very grateful and I feel very fortunate to be where I'm at right now."

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