Thursday, 23 October 2014

Jordin Sparks Gets Her Septum Pierced and Somehow She's Pulling It Off: See the Photo!

When you hear the term "septum pierce" you shudder, right? Well, some of us do anyway.

But Jordin Sparks is pulling it off, the recently single singer having taken the plunge sometime yesterday before sharing her new look on Instagram.

Perhaps her nose was still a little tender when she boarded a flight to New York last night, because she captioned the black and white pic (in which the thin band through her septum somehow manages to look delicate rather than all hard-core punk): "I'm about to be wiiiiiide awake on this redeye."

Close-up on her piercing.

But wait, then five hours later...

"Wide awake!! Aaaaand just like that, it disappears! I love the versatility of this piercing. Can't wait to get a cuter ring. :)" Jordin posted another photo, this one piercing-free.

Hmm, so maybe she is intending to really go for it with the edginess. At least she's starting with a beautiful canvas--go for it, Jordin, express yourself!

The "Battlefield" singer recently broke up with longtime boyfriend Jason Derulo and she admitted earlier this month on The Wendy Williams Show that they "set [themselves] up" to be hounded about potential marriage plans throughout their relationship. (Co-starring in the music video for "Marry Me" certainly didn't help.

"We set ourselves up for that pressure," Jordin said. She called Jason a "great guy" but politely declined to comment when Williams asked about rumors that Derulo had cheated.

"In my opiniom, marriage is not for a 24-year-old young lady in this day and age--I mean not now," Williams advised her guest. "This gives you a chance to get to know you a little bit more. Date around. Have fun!"

Cut your hair! Get something pierced! Next ink?

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