Monday, 13 October 2014

Arsene Wenger apologizes for shoving Jose Mourinho.

Arsene Wenger has apologized for shoving Jose Mourinho during Chelsea's 2-0 win against Arsenal. And it only took him a week to do it.

The Frenchman, talking to French television show Téléfoot, said: “They gave too much importance to this story. In hindsight I think I should not have reacted at all, it’s not a way to behave on a football field. “I always regret any signs of violence and I apologise, but that’s a part of games where everything is manic. And then we have quite a substantial past. Did Mourinho provoke me? That is how I felt. I did not enter Chelsea’s technical area.”
The claim that he didn't enter Chelsea's technical area is a strange one, considering that the video below, which picks up shortly after the shove, shows that he did.

This probably won't be the last time he feels that Mourinho provoked him, though. After all, if the Portuguese's middle name isn't "Provocateur" then it probably should be.

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