Friday, 15 January 2016

Serena Williams Didn't Understand ''Netflix and Chill''

Serena Williams has been connected to some seriously hot dudes—including both Drake and Common—which is why we trust her in telling us that a good way of building a strong relationship with someone is through confidence and class.

In fact, the tennis GOAT is so classy, she didn't even know what the phrase "Netflix and chill" meant until recently!

In the February issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, one reader asked if she was "naïve" for thinking "Netflix and chill" actually meant Netflix and just hang out. Serena admitted to having the same mentality.

"I have to tell you, I thought the same exact thing. When I say 'Netflix and chill,' that's what I mean," she responded to the reader. "I guess you and I are just old-fashioned—if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!"

But on a more serious note, Serena also gave some advice on the importance of staying true to yourself while dating, noting that sometimes self-doubt in a relationship comes from doing the opposite.

"First you need to identify where the self-doubt is coming from. I think that goes back to always being yourself from the beginning," she told another reader. "Be confident of your inner strength and beauty, and that will be reflected on the outside. My mom always taught my sisters and me to be ourselves and to stay true to who we are."

As for her key to feeling sexy? She says, "Being sexy is really about how you carry yourself. Strength and confidence equal sexy."

Of course, a good date night outfit also can't hurt, and the athlete says, "Always add heels!"

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