Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Charlize Theron Poses Nude in W's Best Performance Issue, Recalls the First Sex Scene She Ever Watched

It's no surprise that Charlize Theron deserved a space in W magazine's movie issue. In fact, her role in Mad Max: Fury Road earned her a spot in the publication's "Best Performances" portfolio.

But while posing for the February issue, the actress decided to get fans talking with her revealing photo shoot. While sitting in an unmade bed, Theron proves she has never looked better as she poses in nothing but a Dior Fine Jewelry ring. Pretty hot, right?

In addition to the steamy photo, the 40-year-old also sat down with editor Lynn Hirschberg where she remembered the first sex scene she ever watching on television.

"The first time I ever saw something like that as a young girl was—and it's always embedded in my head because it's the first time I ever saw anything like that—I want to say it was maybe seven," she shared with the magazine. "It was on the television and I walked in the room and I was supposed to be asleep and it was the scene in Body Heat where they're in bed and she has her hand under this white sheet and she's kind of rubbing his area…she wasn't very subtle about it."

She continued, "I remember being a young girl and I knew that there were bits on a boy and bits on a girl and I knew that her hands were definitely on his bits and it was like what!"

Fast-forward to today where Theron is receiving rave reviews for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road. It's a performance that the actress is more than a little proud of to share with audiences.
"My character Imperato Furious, in Mad Max: Fury Road, is missing an arm, but in the film we never explain how that happened—she just is," Theron explained. "I don't think the character would have the same gravitas if she wasn't broken like that. Instead, she's an entire human being who just happens to be an amputee."

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