Saturday, 19 December 2015

Kylie Jenner Calls Out ''Disrespectful'' Paparazzi After Posting Shocking Pic of What Her Daily Life Is Like

A day after providing an illustration as to what a day in the life for her is really like, for better or worse, Kylie Jenner lamented on Twitter about her ever-present escort.

"Paparazzi are disrespectful on a whole other level," she tweeted Friday afternoon. "I'm ok with what they do I've accepted it. Just respect me and we will be all good."

Kylie added, "I've seen 2 car accidents in the last WEEK caused by paparazzi."

The 18-year-old star posted a very telling pic on Instagram yesterday, a shot of her taken as she left a department store. From the camera's vantage point behind Kylie, you can see that she was immediately greeted upon exit from the store by a pack of photographers and there appear to be close to two dozen cameras aimed at her.
"Life, " She captioned the pic. 

And while perhaps that could have also been construed as a humble-brag, the moment may have been more bittersweet for Kylie in reality.

The E! star is hardly alone, either. She voiced her concerns just two days after Cara Delevingne—a frequent critic of the paparazzi who has even compared them to "assassins"—called out a "so-called 'human'" who tried to snap a photo angled up her dress in London.

And the British stars may have it the worst.

Keira Knightley has also found herself staring into the glare of too many cameras, the actress saying during a TimesTalk earlier this year, "Having 20 to 30 men who you don't know on a 24-hour surveillance outside your house calling you a 'whore' every time you leave the door to try to get a reaction from you is quite a difficult thing to deal with."

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