Friday, 30 January 2015

Macklemore Cradles Fiancée's Baby Bump, Gazes Lovingly at Bride-to-Be

While Macklemore's music career is continuing to flourish, the 31-year-old rapper is currently preparing for the biggest role of his life: fatherhood. 

The Grammy-winning artist is expecting his first child with fiancée Tricia Davis, and on Wednesday, the mama-to-be took to Instagram to gush over her man and their baby on-they-way. 

"25 weeks deep with my baby and my baby...," the blond beauty captioned a shot on her Instagram page in which the musician is cradling her pregnant belly while gazing with pure admiration at his gorgeous bride-to-be. 

Seriously, how sweet is this shot?! 

Surprisingly enough, today also just so happens to be Tricia's birthday, so naturally, her hubby-to-be took to Instagram to post a close-up image of his ladylove. 

"Birthday girl @baba," the "Same Love" rapper wrote of the pic. 

Macklemore confirmed the news earlier this month that he and his fiancée are expecting via a sweet video which showed Tricia receiving an ultrasound at the hospital. The clip, titled "A Surprise from Ben and Tricia," was posted on the YouTube page of Macklemore's longtime collaborator Ryan Lewis. The couple's baby is due in May.

The Seattle-native popped the question to Davis in January 2013 after seven years of dating, and he has previously opened up about how his longtime love has always supported his career. 

"My fiancée was with me when we were printing up 20 shirts at a time to sell at a show with 15 people there," he said during an appearance on Ellen. "She's been with us every step of the way. She produces our videos, she's our tour manager, she's been there from the beginning. When we won Best New Artist she kind of broke down into tears and I was like, 'All right, we are definitely being watched by 30 million people right now.'"

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