Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Kristen Stewart Wears Tiny Shorts, Hits the Beach With Pal Alicia Cargile

I spy with my little eye...something bright and flashy!

No, Kristen Stewart's friend Alicia Cargile isn't pointing out a vampire--she probably just got a glimpse of the paparazzi snapping pics! Aside from a possible shutterbug interruption, the Twilight alum and her gal pal appeared to have a low-key afternoon last Tuesday on a beach in Hawaii.
When K.Stew wasn't chillaxing on the rocks with a beverage, she was close to the water and ready to play! The 24-year-old actress wore tiny red shorts, a bikini top and barely-there blue tank that said "Captain" as she walked along the ocean's edge, tennis ball in hand (which seems to imply there was fetch or a game of some sort involved).

It's a good thing Kristen got some R&R over the holidays, because she's got a busy schedule up ahead! Much of her time, of course, will be tied up promoting Still Alice, the critically acclaimed drama in which she plays the daughter-turned-caretaker of Julianne Moore, a woman coping with early onset Alzheimer's disease.
"I think I found aspects of myself within this part that I hadn't had a reason to discover," Kristen explained Monday on Today. "I can stand in something so grotesquely horrendous, and actually see the good in something, and try and see the light, and I didn't know that I had that."

"Be positive and live in the now," she said of the movie's message.

Julianne told Today she "was delighted" when she first heard K.Stew would be her co-star. "I mean really, really thrilled," she gushed, "because I've always loved her work so much, and I love her personally."

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