Friday, 30 January 2015

Iggy Azalea's Steve Madden Collection Debuts

Blink and you probably missed this fight.

On Thursday Iggy Azalea was ranting on Twitter again but this time her beef was not with other artists in the music business. Nope, she was temporarily upset at someone in the fashion industry. Her new sparring partner? Shoe designer Steve Madden.

After seeing leaked photos from her upcoming collaboration with the footwear brand on Tumblr, the singer typed out her outrage calling them "disgusting"  and saying she hadn't approved the images.

But just a few hours later--after she calmed down and privately hugged it out with Madden--she moonwalked back all those now-deleted tweets. 
"I absolutely love these images, they are from the shoot I directed for my Steve Madden campaign. I'm incredibly proud of the shoes we've made together, as well as these images that I've been anxiously waiting to share with you all," the pop star wrote on Instagram. "What I had a 'rant' about on Twitter isn't in regards to these pictures, it was about another, different set of images I wasn't a part of creating that I felt weren't reflective of my vision and direction for the collection. I'm an artist and I'm extremely passionate and emotional and crazy sometimes because I care alOoOoot about this s**t! I love Steve and he gets it!"

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