Saturday, 1 November 2014

Kanye West Crashes Hip-Hop Open Mic Night in New Jersey, Was "Totally Chill and Cool"

A number of New Jersey residents got the shock of a lifetime this week.

Rapper Kanye West made a surprise appearance at The Dopeness restaurant for Open Mic Night on Wednesday to support family friend and 17-year-old rapper, Jahmila Sandifer, aka Jay Hype, and, of course, people went nuts.

"There was a girl that was slowly starting to show her face around here. She silently invited him without telling anyone," restaurant owner Jon Scanlon tells E! News.

"We have a music engineer who sets everything up and he was told within minutes of Kanye's arrival. Her set was later on and the engineer was told minutes before that they had to bump up her set because Kanye was on the block."

Scanlon was immediately called to the front door to meet Yeezy and escort him and his two bodyguards through the restaurant. John's wife was working the door and Kanye was cutting jokes with her while he was waiting for John to escort him.


The restaurant owner couldn't help but make a point to say how friendly Kanye was, and how his demeanor was different than what he expected. Kanye was, "Totally chill and cool. Quiet, cool, and collected. It was awesome," Scanlon tells us.

"[Jay Hype] went on set and immediately it was all love. It was all about the performance, the crowd and the energy." Once word quickly spread that Kanye was in the room, the energy became "electric."

After Jay Hype was done with her set, she went over to Yeezy and "gave him a big hug and a kiss." She then proceeded to walk outside with him where they spoke for a few minutes and took some photos.


There were about 60 or 70 people at the open mic event, which has been going on at The Dopeness for around a year and a half. Kanye stayed for 15-20 minutes and saw three sets.

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