Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Total Divas Recap: Nikki Bella Is in a Love Triangle & More

1. Nikki Bella slaps Dolph Ziggler when he tries to kiss her: After lots of flirty behavior, Nikki's ex-boyfriend finally professes his love for her at work and tries to win her back. "I can give you kids," he tells her. "I can give you a husband." He then grabs her hand and leans in for a kiss! But Nikki is not having any of it and swiftly hits him in the face. Denied! "Nick! Were you just going to kiss me?!" she asks. She then storms off without giving him a chance to explain. "Honestly, I thought more of you," she says as she walks away.

2. Brie Bella invites Daniel Bryan to join her business venture: Since he's taking a break from the wrestling ring, Brie suggests Daniel come to a meeting with her partners to help with her new project, Experience Local. "I know your passions, and I really feel like this would be something you would like to do in the next chapter of your life," she tells him. But Daniel isn't completely ready to let go of his first love. "Wrestling is what my mind always resorts to," he says. "Even when I'm out gardening, I'm enjoying what I'm doing, but my brain is thinking about wrestling stuff. But right now there's this chance that I'm not going to be able to wrestle anymore."
.  Paige blindsides Nikki during their day off: After witnessing the awkward tension between Nikki and Dolph during their WWE trip to Japan, Paige decides to help them resolve their issues while getting a fish pedicure. Unfortunately, Paige doesn't tell Nikki about her little plan, and Dolph completely surprises her when he arrives. Paige then tries to play mediator in an attempt to bring them together. "Where do you see yourself in a couple of years, Nicole?" she asks. Nikki responds, "Married…to John." Dolph quickly retorts, "Are we all doing, like, fantasy things that are never going to happen?"

But Nikki fights back and reminisces about their past relationship. "He had his chance and he blew it," she tells Paige. "He was not the nicest to me all the time when we were together." The mediation only continues to go downhill from there. Nikki and Dolph begin to argue about John after Dolph starts hurling insults. "Nick, you had your chance. You blew it," Nikki says in her confessional. "But we're never going to be able to mediate this situation ever, especially when you start dissing my man."

4. Daniel tells Brie he's not ready to give up wrestling: When Brie tries to push Daniel to be more involved in Experience Local, he tells her it's not really what he wants. "You are so focused on making a new chapter for my life, and I am not ready for that yet. I'm still trying to come back to wrestling." Brie is a little disappointed, but she wants to be there for her husband. "The last thing I want to do is to kill a dream," she says. "I'm here to support any dream you have."

5. Paige tells Kevin she doesn't want to get married: After she gets back from Japan, Paige begins to feel the pressure from her fiancé to start planning the wedding. When it gets to be too much, she finally explodes and tells him she doesn't want to get married. "Don't plan it all!" she says. "Don't plan a freaking venue because I don't even want to be freaking engaged, Kevin!"

Kevin is completely caught off guard. Paige then calms down and explains herself. "I don't want to, like, lose you or anything," she says. "I just felt there was a lot of pressure to say yes. I just liked it the way it was." Kevin tells her she should have been honest from the beginning. "You weren't going to lose me ever," he reassures her. They eventually make up and put the whole messy business behind them.

6. Nikki tells John about the situation with Dolph Ziggler: Nikki decides it's time to tell John everything that went down between her and Dolph, so she puts her big girl pants on and breaks the news to him over dinner in Tokyo. "So, love, I have to tell you something," she starts, immediately making John nervous. "Dolph pulled me aside at work and told me that he wants to give me marriage and babies—and then he tried to kiss me," she reveals.

However, John doesn't have the quite the reaction Nikki was expecting. "I love you. You know I love you," he says. "You know I treat you like a grown woman and if you feel that there's a connection there, and you want to pursue it, I can't stop you and I'd be so stupid for trying to." What?! Nikki is disappointed in his less-than-emotional response. "I want you to be mad!" she says in her confessional. "Throw a piece of bread! Do something! If the tables were turned, I would be furious!" But John is anything but angry. "Here's to you, you still got it," he says raising his glass to her. Cheers!

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