Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Olympian Tom Daley Shares Moment He Realized Fiance Dustin Lance Black Was More Than a Fling : "S--t, I'm in Trouble Here"

engagement, Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Olympic diver Tom Daleyare unveiling all the intimate details about their whirlwind romance.

As the cover stars of the annual "Love Issue" of OUT, the 41-year-old and 21-year-old lovebirds are revisiting all the moments that lead up to their October engagement. To start, Daley wasn't shy about sharing his intentions when Black piqued his fancy at an industry dinner.

"Tom took my phone, and he typed his number in with a winky face," the Milk writer described. "At which point I felt I had confirmation that he was a gay. I've never in my life heard of a straight man putting his number in another man's phone with a winky face."

On their first official evening out together, their instantaneous connection made Daley slightly nervous.

"We literally spent three or four hours talking about the crap that we'd been through. His brother had only just passed away, and my dad had died in 2011, and we talked about his mum and her struggles with her illnesses—sadly, she's no longer with us—and we just really connected," the swimmer said. "It was one of the first time that I felt, Oh my God, this isn't just a thing where I am attracted to someone. This is someone that I've connected with on a whole new level. It was new for me, and that was when I thought, 'Sh-t, I'm in trouble here.'"

Black attributes their lasting spark to more than just their picture-perfect exteriors.

"Not only is he unbelievably attractive to me, and that goes beyond just how he looks, but he gets me. He understood my competitive spirit," he admitted. "We both had been to the top of our fields – he'd been world champion, I had an Oscar—and neither of us felt we were done."
After becoming official boyfriends, engagement was a constant thought for the pair. 

"Quite honestly, we talked about marriage within the first two weeks after seeing each other the first time in LA," Daley revealed about their steadfast nature. 

"We were so busy making all these plans—we both wanted to have children; we both wanted to build a home of our own someday. I draw, so I was sketching little plans for houses on cliffs overlooking oceans, while Tom watched over my shoulder—it was a very grown-up version of playing house," Black added. "Marriage is the foundation to all of these other big plans we have. So we knew we were going to get engaged—it was just a matter of when, and who does it."

When the moment officially arrived to pop the question, who got down on one knee?

"I had the ring box in my underwear, and when he came out of the bathroom, I just went down on my knee and proposed," Daley recollected. "Then he ran off to the bathroom to get his rings, and he had this whole speech prepared, but he's a writer so his was quite extravagant.
Born 20 years before his soon-to-be spouse, Black can remember a time when gay marriage in America was not a cause for celebration.

"I can't imagine what it's like today to discover who you are, and to start to fall in love, and your first thought is not 'I could be imprisoned or be forced to undergo electro-shock therapy,' but you start thinking about your wedding cake, and who you're going to invite to the ceremony."

"It's a huge change in LGBT culture and it's got to be lifesaving."

The issue hits newsstands on Jan. 12.

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