Friday, 1 January 2016

Gigi Hadid Reflects on Her Breakout Year: ''2015 Is a Year I Will Never Forget''

The 20-year-old supermodel is reflecting on her accomplishments, taking to Instagram to share some of her magazine covers and open up about how this year has totally changed her life and where she's headed from here.
"Unreal," she writes. "Thinking back on my most favorite moments of this year brings me close to tears - both my career and personal journeys throughout seem so surreal in how each change, turn, and decision guided me to where I stand now. My gratitude for all the opportunity I was blessed with this year makes me also grateful for any negative experiences, for what they taught me and for where they lead me."

She adds, "I'm still writing New Year's thank-you cards, as the list of people I want to thank feels endless. This collage doesn't come close to half of 2015's highlights.. I would not be where I am without my irreplaceable team or without the people in the industry who not only believe in me, but show up to work inspiring me every day with their talent, energy, spirit, passion, heart, and drive."

But her career aside, she also notes that her fans are one of her biggest driving forces.

"I want to take this moment to also do something I think about every day, thank YOU: over eleven million of you on social media," she says. "The way you love and support me and my career is something that still wows me every morning when I wake up. Those of you who stand by me without fail, I see you. Your dedication means the world to me and I try my best to remind you of that. But, if I don't say it enough: I love you, and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know what a huge role you guys play in my success and for that I am forever grateful and humbled."

Though the biggest year so far is behind her, Gigi wants her fans to know she's not slowing down in 2016.

"#giforce, you helped make 2015 a year I will never forget... I have so much coming for you in 2016. Cheers to yoouuuuu."

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