Friday, 11 December 2015

Your Vampire Diaries Favorites Are Seriously Screwed After That Midseason Finale

Think The Vampire Diaries' Heretics are scary and disagreeable when they're in a good mood? Then you really wouldn't like them when they're angry. Like, "mad because not only are they an unhinged maniac, you also happened to injure and/or kill their one true love" kind of angry.

That's why, as we head into the holiday hiatus, both Damon and Stefan are out of commission (thanks to the fact that they've both been sliced by the Phoenix Stone dagger). Something tells us that they're going to come back, since they're the leads of the show at all, but neither of them is having a particularly good time while trapped in the stone reliving every bad thing they've ever done in their entire, centuries-long lives.

The brothers were on the hunt for Julian, a.k.a. their mom's no-good boyfriend who killed the baby Stefan didn't know he'd fathered a couple hundred years ago. But when they found him, things didn't go as planned. (The plan was to kill him. They didn't.) Instead, he stabbed Damon, trapping him in the stone.

But that wasn't enough horrible news for the Salvatore brothers—because shortly after, Nora, one half of the lesbian Heretic couple, got vengeance for what the crew did to her love and stabbed Stefan too. Now, both brothers are trapped, and Bonnie's not looking too good either.

Clearly, the crew will come together and find a way to release the brothers from their hellish prison, but it's going to be quite a long wait until we find out how.

It should be noted that Caroline Forbes was particularly adorable this episode, what with all her pregnancy neuroses and all. She made us cry, too, with that beautifully emotional visit to her mom's grave to talk about her impending motherhood and the first Christmas without Sheriff Forbes there.

What did you think of the TVD midseason finale? How are Damon and Stefan going to be freed if Bonnie is hurt?

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