Friday, 18 December 2015

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Amy Finally Have Sex

Sheldon and Amy finally did the deed on the The Big Bang Theory, and despite the fact that it confused our previous assumption that Sheldon just wasn't into that kind of thing, the whole storyline was actually handled about as well as it could have been.

Here's what happened: Sheldon and Amy's first time played out parallel to the other guys seeing the new Star Wars movie (heard of it?) on opening night. While Sheldon even resorted to praying in order to get tickets, his plans had to change when it was pointed out to him that Amy's birthday was the same day.

While we would probably forgive a giant Star Wars fan for hoping to celebrate our birthday on a different day in order to see the movie when it comes out, Amy, Penny, Bernadette, and Bob Newhart in a Jedi costume did not feel the same.

Sheldon presented his possible birthday plans to Penny and Bernadette: a private harp concert by the LA Philharmonic, a sheep festival, and sex, and there was only one real choice. "Amy's birthday present shall be my genitals," Sheldon declared, and we made it out of the scene with minimal scarring.

When the night actually came, the other guys kept remarking how much more fun they were going to have than Sheldon, while Sheldon and Amy had all the fun in the world. As it turns out, Sheldon is the ultimate gentleman. He made sure he got consent, comforted Amy when she got nervous, and then apparently ravished his lady love with an unexpected amount of skill. "Well I enjoyed that more than I thought I would," he said. "I look forward to your next birthday when we do it again."

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