Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ruby Rose Denies Pregnancy Rumors After Tweeting She "Has News"

The twittersphere is a very eager environment, so when a celebrity teases news, followers tend to assume the most dramatic possibilities. Ruby Rose experienced that Monday when she tweeted her fans, "I has news.. But I can't tell you yet."

Speculation ran rampant, but one follower asked the inevitable: "@RubyRose are u pregnant?" The Orange Is the New Black actress then responded in the funniest way possible, chalking up the thought to a little too much holiday deliciousness.

"No that's just from Christmas in Australia with the parentals," Rose tweeted back.

Nothing like a little food baby to trick the fans! But that still doesn't get us any closer to an answer about what her mysterious news could be. We'll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime we do have our doubts about this alleged over eating, as Rose shared photos on Instagram of her workouts and she is as fit as can be.

The pictures of her pumping iron arrived shortly after she and Phoebe Dahl called off their engagement, which could have meant that Rose was embarking on a breakover, but it turned out it was just for a movie role.

"Training for John Wick with @murphyfitness .. I keep looking for roles to play a couch potato but no luck!! Tanned in winter thanks @fakebakeusa @muatanyap LOL," she wrote. The collage of snaps showed the brunette beauty in a sports bra that flaunted her toned abs and numerous tattoos.

She did, however, keep a sense of humor about her emotional ordeal by tweeting what we all feel like doing when going through a rough split. "*steps away from Adele CD... *logs into Netflix," she wrote.

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