Tuesday, 22 December 2015

R. Kelly Just Walked Out of One of the Most Awkward Interviews We've Ever Watched

The R&B singer sat down with Huffington Post and host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss his new album, The Buffet, and how it's projected to sell almost 100K fewer copies than his last album (2013's Black Panties).

When Tehrani asked whether he believes the sexual abuse allegations surrounding him have impacted those sales, he grew irritated and started throwing jabs at her.

"Sex is mentioned frequently in your lyrics. In many of your songs, you talk about having sex with multiple women," she says. "Would you say you have a healthy relationship with sex and that that is reflected musically?"

Kelly replied with a little hesitation," Iwould have to say this, I did not come here to be interrogated. I didn't come here for a deposition," he said before getting sarcastic. "Do you know what a deposition is?"

He continued, "This is a deposition. This is not about R. Kelly. This is not about music. This is not about someone who works hard on his music who has an album out. This is about trying to interrogate me and this is about disrespect."

When Tehrani argued that she didn't believe she was disrespecting him, he took things a level further, questioning her intelligence. "That's the level of your intelligence, not mine," he said.

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