Friday, 11 December 2015

Is The Originals the Latest Show to Kill Off a Main Character?

The episode marked the return of Claire Holt's Rebekah, who, sadly, was daggered YET AGAIN at the end of the episode after developing a Dark Mark-like skull thing on her wrist that caused her to try to kill the people close to her. Not great when there's a prophecy that one Mikaelson sibling will kill another, so back to the dagger coffin she goes.

But it was the very end that pulled a jaw-dropping twist—Klaus and Cami finally kissed, then snuggled together all night. When he woke up in the morning, however, his lady was limp and seemingly lifeless. That's what typically happens when someone is slashed in the throat, but hey—this is a supernatural show. There's always some crazy spell that could bring dear Cami back, right? RIGHT?! She's the only human of the bunch. This happening is basically like taking out Matt Donovan from TVD. There's gotta be one lone human holding down the fort for all the mortals!

The episode also contained a lot of holiday cheer (you know, aside from the horrible possible death, brutal fights and the gouging of Rebekah's arm) and a great reconciliation (or at least understanding) between Hayley and Jackson. Those two crazy kids have been married for a year, BTW—how time flies when you're protecting your werewolf pack and raising a hybrid baby!

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