Sunday, 6 December 2015

Coco Insists She's Not ''Exploiting'' Baby Chanel on Social Media

Ever since Coco and Ice-T welcomed their baby girl into the world last Saturday, the couple has been posting several photos of their first child together on Facebook, Twitter and even the baby's Instagram.

Didn't you hear? Baby Chanel has her own account and it's already received 154,000 followers in a week!

One follower noticed the amount of pictures being spread online and decided to share her hesitations. Ultimately, Coco was ready to fight back and defend herself.

"Coco darling, don't exploit your newborn beautiful lil angel. I say with respect honey,"  a Facebook follower wrote. The new mom responded, "How is this exploiting her? I'm proud that I'm finally a mama..does she not look happy?"

She looks happy and quite fashionable! In new pictures posted on Instagram this weekend, baby Chanel is seen wearing a comfortable onesie with the words "love" spread all around. And who can forget the mohawk she worked the day she was born?

"Mom and Dad said they didn't want any money for my baby pics...." Baby Chanel's Twitter account read. "They're cool like that."

The account added, "I'm a Hip Hop baby! Been practicing my DJ moves..." Coco later revealed that her daughter now has "big blue/light gray eyes."

As the happy family continues to enjoy time together in their East Coast home, the talk-show host is experiencing a wide range of emotions post-delivery.

One fan pointed out the ups and downs a parent feels in the initial days after welcoming a child.

"I remember being sad the first week bc I knew I wouldn't feel my baby inside me anymore. I also was sad bc each day I knew he was getting older. Crazy emotions you feel after giving birth!" the fan wrote. Coco simply replied, "Yep. That's the way I felt the week before I gave birth."

But trust us, the highs definitely out way the lows today.

"This week has been the best moments in my life," she wrote on Facebook. "I wish I could bottle up all the emotions...going through hospital pics comes close enough."

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