Friday, 18 December 2015

Austin Mahone Drops New Music, Including Song With Ex-Girlfriend Becky G

Although he still hasn't dropped his long-awaited album, Austin Mahone did release new music in a track list appropriately titled This Is Not the Album on Thursday as a big thank you to all of his fans for being patient with him.

"I've been working so hard on my new album, and I've taken a lot of time figuring out my new sound and making my debut perfect," Austin said in a statement. "This Is Not the Album is for my Mahomies, who have continued to be so supportive throughout the entire process."

The release includes 19 tracks of all-new material, featuring artists like Chris Brown, T-Pain, Sage the Gemini, Kalin and Mylie, Rob Villa and Kylie Dion.

Most notably, however, it also features a song titled "Rollin" with his ex-girlfriend, Becky G. The two began working on music together before they split up in August.

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