Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nicki Minaj and Ex Safaree Samuels Exchanging Loving Tweets?! Rapper Slams ''Fraudulent'' Story

Nicki Minaj got her Twitter claws out today.

The Pinkprint rapper called out popular blogger Necole Bitchie for a story that pointed out some interesting tweeted-then-deleted messages that could have been directed at Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

The report speculated that the duo sent each other some loving posts on what would have been their 11-year anniversary recently, saying Nicki tweeted, "i will always love you," to which Samuels responded, "Im not gonna front like i dnt kno wat today woulda been I hope ur happy and wish u nothing but the best.. luv u 4ever. no love lost."

Both tweets, which didn't directly name anybody, were reportedly quickly deleted. Minaj, who is currently rumored to be dating Meek Mill, doesn't deny tweeting the post, but says people are reaching for a meaning behind it and took to Twitter to slam the "fraudulent" story.

Necole Bitchie also responded on Twitter, asking the celeb what exactly she got wrong in the story:

Minaj didn't seem to answer her question, so the Twitterverse, which has been following the mini feud online, is left with no closure (hate when that happens!), but Nicki did say, "still love her dough," so we guess it's all good?

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