Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Big Sean Celebrates Dark Sky Paradise Reaching No. 1 With Ariana Grande, Says She Was "Very Proud"

Big Sean has a lot to be happy about these days!

The rapper's third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise, launched to No. 1 and has been celebrating ever since hitting the milestone. His biggest fan, however, is girlfriend Ariana Grande. Although she couldn't be there with him when he found out--he said in an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest she's "busy on tour"--she made sure to express her love and gratitude. 

"She was very proud and very happy," he said, adding that she bought him a present. "She's very thoughtful though."

Unfortunately, he wouldn't reveal what she bought him as a celebratory gift! He did dish that tons of other musicians reached out to congratulate him on such a big accomplishment.

"The second I found out it was No. 1...I haven't slept in days and I was exhausted, and it was like I just got hit by lightening," he dished to Ryan Seacrest. "Everybody kept hitting me. I mean everybody. Even Kid Rock texted me because we both put an album out on the same week and he was like, 'You deserve it, man! Congratulations!'"

With all of the excitement and celebrations, Big Sean joked he still didn't have time to sleep! But he didn't mind because he was reveling in his accomplishment.

"It's just cool to see it pay off," he said. "I really put my heart into and I put a lot of effort into it. It's just cool, man, when you follow your heart [and] how it works out."

The couple has recorded three tracks together, including "Research," "Right There" and "Big Mistake," but the "I Don't F--k With You" rapper previously told E! News that working together with his girlfriend again, would, well, be up to her!

"Yeah, of course, I think so!" he said before adding with a smile, "I'm down, you gotta ask her though."  

Considering the Detroit-born rapper recently told Larry King that he and Ari are "pretty serious," we're thinking she'd say yes to another collaboration...no, not the marriage kind LOL! He already put that idea to rest when he told King, "Aw, man. Not right now."

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