Friday, 27 February 2015

Of Course Kim Kardashian Had a Thong Pic Ready to Post When She Hit 27 Million Instagram Followers

Nothing says thank-you like a booty shot, right?

Kim Kardashian reached a social media milestone today when she hit 27 million followers on Instagram, and lucky for her followers, she just so happened to have a racy photo of herself wearing some sort of leopard thong monokini-type of contraption ready to share for when the exciting accomplishment occurred.

So, of course, she posted the sexy, booty-baring selfie with a nice little message to show her gratitude. She wrote, "27 mil on Instagram!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!"

At first, you may assume that Kim stripped down and took the picture to celebrate the big news (because that's not a far-fetched thought), but that's where we come in to do all of the detective work.

What's the one big difference in this photo from her other recent photos? (Yes, that means you have to take your eyes off of her butt to notice...)

Yep! Her hair! The 34-year-old recently chopped off all of her dark locks, and in this picture, she still has long tresses. It's OK, don't feel bad if you didn't get it. That's what we're here for.

Of course, there's the possibility that those are extensions and this really is a new photograph, but it's also Thursday, so it's probably a throwback picture without the hashtag because she was so excited about having 27 million followers.

Anyway, chances are you wanna go back to looking at the picture now, so enjoy!

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