Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dang, Beyoncé! Braless Singer Flashes Boobs in Racy Lunch Outfit

Who knew lunch time could be so sexy?!

Beyoncé turns heads everywhere she goes no matter what she's wearing, but chances are there are a number of people dealing with some serious neck problems from the double-takes given for this extra racy look.

Queen B decided to go all the way with her lunch outfit today when she stopped to grab a bite from Gracias Madre with hubby Jay Z. The gorgeous singer wore a completely unbuttoned blouse that was tied at her midriff, revealing not only more cleavage than you could imagine, but also making it very clear that Bey left that annoying over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (a bra, you guys) at home.
While the initial focus is the obvious (boobs!), we then start to wonder about the more practical things--What happens if there's a gust of wind? What happens when Bey leans forward to eat? What happens if she spills some food on her chest? What happens if she has to quickly jerk her upper body to the side to get the server's attention?

You know what happens? A dangerously close encounter with a possible nip slip (or in this case, a surprise appearance from her entire bare breast!). We just don't understand how she was able to eat in peace.

But she managed to make it work, and she looked damn good doing it, so there's really only one logical thing to do now--bow down.

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