Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Azealia Banks Explains ''#Whiteface'' Photo, Continues to Offend People by Saying ''Cracker'' and the N-Word

Azealia Banks has riled people up again (surprisingly, this doesn't have anything to do with Iggy Azaela).

The rapper took to Twitter to clear the air over a photo that sparked backlash on Instagram, but instead, ended up offending people even more. It all started when she posted a pic of herself on Instagram with white face makeup on and captioned it "#whiteface."

She wasn't actually doing whiteface. Banks was transforming into an ice princess for her new music video, but her text, understandably so, didn't sit well with a lot of people.

After getting the heat, Azealia went to Twitter to try and explain the whole ordeal, but again, her choice of words were no good.

(For those who are not familiar, "misogynoir" is a term coined by gay black feminist scholar Moya Bailey, and refers to anti-black misogyny, where race and gender together are factors in the hatred of black women. Banks tweeted a Wikipedia link for anyone who wasn't aware.)

She then turned the conversation to "gay media" and their use of the word "homophobia."


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