Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Nicole Kidman Has ''Lost Some of That Shyness,'' but She Still Won't Take Pics With Fans

Nicole Kidman is starting to come out of her shell.

That statement alone may seem a big strange. After all, this is an actress who has starred in multiple blockbuster films and is constantly under the spotlight that we're talking about. However, the 47-year-old star admits that she has a certain shyness to her, but that's starting to fade.

During an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning to promote her upcoming film Paddington, the show host mentioned her pal Sheryl Crowe's recent quote to Elle magazine, where she explained that Kidman's poise is often misconstrued as her "being an ice queen."

Kidman simply states, "I'm also very shy, but as I've gotten older I've lost some of that shyness."

Regardless, she and hubby Keith Urban still refuse to pose for fan pictures during family outings with children Sunday, 6, and Faith, 4, and she explains why. "Our kids don't understand what we do, so for them, it's just, 'Why is this stranger taking a photo of you?' And it's very discombobulating for them."

But she would never take anything back, and is very appreciative of the success in her career.

"We have a very easy, warm, peaceful life," she tells Lauer. "I think that's something that I always wanted and I was heading towards and I didn't know how to find it--and I found it now. I laugh a lot more now, I'm happier."

The Aussie star also says, "It's been an extraordinary journey, my life, from a little girl who grew up in Sydney and sort of watched the Academy Awards on TV when I was just seven years old--to have actually come that whole distance is extraordinary."

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