Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Katherine Heigl Responds to Critics Claiming Muslims Are Portrayed Negatively on State of Affairs

It's no secret Katherine Heigl has a major hit on her hands thanks to her latest NBC series State of Affairs.

And while the actress is receiving positive reviews from critics, the 36-year-old still finds herself facing a few detractors from viewers online.

During a Facebook Q&A Monday afternoon, Heigl answered any and all questions from her 3.4 million followers. And as it turns out, somebody had to ask about the controversy surrounding her show.

"I love your show and watch it every week, however my husband refuses, he says it portrays Muslims negatively," one Facebook fan wrote. "How do would you address his concerns?"

"I would tell him to be patient and see how the season unfolds," Heigl responded with honesty. "We aren't portraying Muslims negatively but rather terrorism in all forms...Charleston is trying to protect the ideals of the Muslim religion by eradicating those who hold it hostage."

For those who don't know, State of Affairs follows top CIA analyst Charleston (Heigl) who helps guide the President's (Alfre Woodard) life-and-death situations.

Before any scenes are shot and broadcast to the world, the cast undergoes heavy preparation and training to make the show accurate and believable. 

"I have the very good fortune of working with two of our executive producers who are ex CIA and they provide a tremendous amount of support, info, and guidance!" she explained to one fan. "I also work with dialect coaches to learn the different languages and tomorrow I'm headed to the gun range to practice my shooting skills..."

Despite the controversy from a few critics, Heigl says she is having the time of her life on-set as the cast begins filming episode 13 later this week.

"I could not do this show without them and am so incredibly grateful to not only get to perform with them, but to get to just hang and laugh with them everyday!" she told a Facebook fan. "Right now we don't know how many seasons there will be but hopefully many!"

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