Sunday, 11 January 2015

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless (Again) in V Magazine--Wonder What Mark Wahlberg's Wife Has to Say About These?

Justin Bieber fans are loving this week!

Shortly after being graced with some sizzling photos of the singer flaunting his chiseled bod and tattoos while wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein underwear, Beliebers were given even more eye candy to drool over.

It turns out Biebs and Karl Lagerfeld didn't just happen to become BFFs out of nowhere--they were working on a shoot together!
Lagerfeld shot and interviewed Justin for V Magazine's Music issue, which hits newsstands on January 15, and that means we get a new series of shirtless pics of Bieber. Happy Friday!

The photos show Bieber flexin' and checking himself out (understandably) while showing off his pecs, pacs and tats.
During his interview with Lagerfeld, Justin explains that he hopes to venture into movies and fashion at some point during his career.

"Of course, I'm still young. I still have so many personal and professional goals I want to achieve. I want to keep creating music for my fans. One day I hope to make strides into movies and fashion as well. I want to share my creativity with the world."

He also credits the Internet for helping him connect with his fans the way he does. "The Internet has been a huge part of my career. I was discovered on YouTube. I use Twitter, Instagram, Shots, and Fahlo to communicate with my fans on a daily basis."

Bieber continues, "Things would be totally different without it. I definitely wouldn't be able to have the personal relationship I have with my fans without social media."

While fans may have been losing their minds over the young star's CK spread, there was at least one person who was not impressed--Mark Wahlberg's wife.
Rhea Wahlberg took to Twitter yesterday to react to Bieber's nearly naked photos, and ended up throwing some shade.

"My baby was the 1st and the best and not to the retouching," she wrote. Oh snap! "Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein ads--google search that's the real....ain't gonna lie."

And luckily, for Twitter entertainment purposes, she didn't end there. "Just gonna say this...did you ever hear the song #aintnuthingliketherealthingbaby."

But it was all out of love.

"Hey! Guess what??? I love Justin! My husband loves Justin! My daughter loves Justin!! And Harry(but that's another story) it's a love fest," she continued.

"I'm not censoring how I feel about my husband! That's my Man.....sorry! One day Justin will have a wife too and she'll do the same!...But hey while we're on the topic.....w/out sounding cougarish Justin looks very very good in his ads! But I still love Harry! (and Mark)."

In conclusion, Rhea appreciates a handsome man, and we can get behind that!

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