Friday, 23 January 2015

Johnny Depp Doesn't Know What ''Bae'' Means

Bless Johnny Depp for his lack of concern regarding what trends on Twitter.

The actor was amiably signing autographs at the U.K. premiere of Mortdecai over the weekend, all smiles as fans shouted his name and peppered him with superlatives.

He was moving down the row, the screaming girls and guys somehow sounding more genteel than your common variety fan, probably because of the accents, when one girl can be heard yelling, "my bae!'

"What did she say?" Depp asked a member of his security team. "Bae?" the man suggested.

To which the baffled star replied, with a splendid lilt in his voice, "What does that mean, child?!"

To which we can only reply, " doesn't matter. As you were."

But perhaps 28-year-old fiancée Amber Heard filled him in later: "Me, Amber. You, my bae."

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