Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dr. Dre Made $20 Per Second Last Year: Find Out How Much Beyoncé & Taylor Swift Earned

Dr. Dre is seriously rich. No, like you're-about-to-feel-really-poor rich.

We did the math and based off of Forbes' latest World's Highest Paid Musicians of 2014 list, the 49-year-old rapper and business mogul made--wait for it--$20 per second last year! You read that correctly: $20 freaking dollars per second in 2014. That's means every hour that Dre was asleep in the last 12 months he raked in $72,000 (PER HOUR!).

In total (and thanks to Apple buying Beats by Dre for a cool $3.2 billion last year), Dre made a whopping $620 million last year.

And if that doesn't leave you feeling penniless and worthless, let's look at Beyoncé. The "Drunk in Love" singer made $115 last year according to Forbes. That breaks down to $3.65 every second, $219 every minute and $13, 140 every hour.

As for Justin Bieber, the pop star raked in $9,132 every hour, $152 every minute and $2.53 every second. One Direction made $2.38 per second (that's $142 per minute and $8,561 per hour), Taylor Swift made $2 every second ($122 per minute and $7,305 per hour) and Jay Z made $1.90 per second ($114 per minute and $6,849 per hour).

Here's to a profitable 2015, everyone!

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