Monday, 5 January 2015

Cameron Diaz Marrying Benji Madden Tonight! Wedding Prep Appears Underway at Actress' Home

Well...that was fast!

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, who've been dating for less than a year and have only been engaged for a matter of weeks, are getting married tonight, a source has revealed.

May we reiterate how rather quick this all seems, especially considering how Diaz has been the queen of I-feel-no-need-to-get-married-anytime-soon comments in recent interviews. Then again, it's not as though she ever swore off marriage, either, so...

Here we are.

Sure enough, there's been a rush of activity spotted outside of the gated community in Beverly Hills where Diaz lives, leading us to believe that she and Madden are tying the knot at her home--or at least will be partying there to celebrate their nuptials.

Witnesses tell us that a massive tent has been erected in her backyard, a van from Velvet Garden florists has passed through the gate, chairs and tables have been delivered and security looks tight.

More to come...

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