Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Blood Appears to Be Gushing From Miley Cyrus' Nose in This Unfortunate Instagram Photo

Thanks for the memories, Miley Cyrus.

The 22-year-old singer, who we know had a bang-up winter holiday and New Year's Eve with boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, was a little worse the wear come Jan. 4, when she posted a bloody selfie (kinda becoming a thing with her) on Instagram.

In the unfortunate pic, blood is running from Miley's nose and she's holding up a bloody hand, her fingers dripping red presumably from trying to stop the nose bleed. (Or, she cut her hand and then rubbed her nose, but we're thinking it's the former.)

"ew," she captioned the pic simply--and we can't help but agree.

It appears that she tried to FaceTime with someone after, because she also snapped a pic of her failed attempt to reach out, the "FaceTime Unavailable" message on the screen.

"Worst part of Muah dayyyy," she lamented.

Aw, and the year started off so great, with her new pizza onesie from the "best bf eva" and her pizza-print duvet cover to go with...

Miley didn't provide any further details as to what gave her a bloody nose, but all has been quiet since. She's posted her usual oodles of pics since Sunday, though her only selfie has been a close-up of her mouth after her lip caught the light just so and made a rainbow.

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