Thursday, 25 December 2014

WWE Star Kevin Nash and Son, 18, Arrested for Domestic Violence After Fight at Home--See Their Mug Shots

WWE star Kevin Nash and his 18-year-old son, Tristen Nash, were arrested early on Wednesday, Christmas Eve, after getting into a scuffle at their Florida home.

The 6'10", 277-pound, 55-year-old wrestling star, once known by the stage name Diesel, and the 6'5", 200-pound teen were taken into police custody early in the morning and later released, records show. They have not commented. Both face charges of misdemeanor first degree battery. If convicted, they faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

At a joint court appearance later that afternoon, an attorney who represented both the father and son said the incident was an isolated family matter and wouldn't happen again, WFTV-TV reported.

The charges are over two separate incidents that occurred hours apart at the family's home in the coastal Wilbur-by-the-Sea community, near Daytona Beach.

Police said they responded to a 911 call made from the residence just after midnight regarding a physical domestic disturbance involving Kevin and his son. According to a police report, the wrestler told a deputy who arrived at their house that Tristen had "arrived home intoxicated" and acted "disrespectful" and "belligerent" towards him and his wife, the teen's mother, Tamara Nash.

The report stated that Kevin told the deputy that Tristen "spit in his face and shoulder/elbow checked him."

"At that point, he took a hold of his son and took him to the ground," it said. "Kevin had a scratch mark that was bleeding next to his left eye. He was unaware how he got scratched but advised he was scratched by his son when he was holding him down on the ground." Police said Nash told them that Tristen fell to the ground due to being intoxicated" and as a result, received a laceration on his elbow.

Tristen told police that he had gotten into a "verbal argument" with his father, saying the wrester "got upset" at him "due to him being intoxicated and having relationship issues with his girlfriend."

He said his dad "took a hold of his throat with one hand" and grabbed his right shoulder with his other hand, then "forced him down to the ground by his upper chest, neck area and shoulder." He said his father held him down on the ground by his chest and put pressure on it, rendering him unable to breathe. He also told police that as he was taken to the floor, he struck his left elbow on it, causing a laceration, and "hit the back of his head" on the ground, adding that he "blacked out" for "a second or two."

Police said they did not observe injuries on the back of the teen's head. They said Tristen "admitted to grabbing his father's face while being held down on the ground due to being unable to breathe and trying to get his father to release him."

Both Kevin and Tristen refused medical treatment and also refused to fill out a written statement affidavit about the incidents. The teen allowed a deputy to take photos of his injuries, while the wrestler did not, saying, "Get a subpoena," the report said. Police said that following an investigation, it was determined that Kevin was the "primary aggressor" and was arrested for domestic battery.

The scuffle has led to a WWE suspension for Kevin.

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