Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wiz Khalifa's Face While Rick Ross Smokes the "Biggest Joint Known to Man" Is Priceless

Wiz Khalifa's face in this photo is EVERYTHING...along with the size of that joint!

Rick Ross and the Taylor Gang rapper got together over the weekend for Ross' Hood Billionaire release party in Los Angeles, and you know these two celebrated by smoking some weed. But it wasn't just any old gathering. This was a special occasion. So, being the good friend that he is, Wiz made sure to gift his boy something that really put the sheesh in hashish, and rolled a joint the size of a small child's arm.

"Brought the biggest joint known to man to the club last night and got the whole section high," Wiz tweeted on Sunday morning.

"LA #hoodbillionaire Release party @mistercap aka Wiz had me blowin big Powercircle boyyy," Rozay captioned the photo on Instagram. The funny pic showed him puffin' on his masterpiece while a wide-eyed Wiz glances over his shoulder, looking at the Maybach Music Group founder like he had more than his two puffs and needs to pass already.

Ross posted another photo of him smoking the devil's lettuce while Wiz was lighting up and wrote, "Wiz came thru to blow one wit me like a trill yung ni--a shud #hoodbillionaire in da air!"
On Twitter, Rick posted the same pic but this time wrote, "Wiz passed me the biggest joint ever then lit his own haa 2 trill."

Khalifa has never been shy about flaunting his love of smoking marijuana, and believes Mary Jane could make the world a better place.

"The more people smoking weed the better," he tweeted today. "Some little pothead came up on something nice last night. Blowin Kk motherf---er...Im flying high like a bird up in the sky. I'm flying high and you know the reason why...It's just like paradise. I feel it all around. So just keep taking me high I don't want to touch the ground."

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