Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sam Smith Wants to Be More Than Just a Gay Community Spokesman, Talks Coming Out to His Mom

Sam Smith is well-known for his exceptional vocals and those powerful hits. Who else has had "Stay With Me" on replay in recent months?

But as the 22-year-old continues to soak in all his success, some attention has been put on his role in the gay community.

"I'm a singer and a songwriter. I get upset sometimes because I don't talk about it too much," he shared on Monday's Ellen DeGeneres Show. "People say, 'he doesn't want to be a spokesperson for the gay community.' I do, of course I do."

He added, "I want to be a spokesperson for everyone. Ya know, straight people, gay people, bisexual. I don't want to be limited."

Smith surprised some in the industry when he decided to come out before his album release. While some worried it would hurt his career, the singer had no hesitations.

"I wanted to do it before because if I did it afterwards, people probably would have thought I was lying just to sell records," he explained to Ellen DeGeneres.

Besides, those closest to him including his mother knew long, long ago.

"It didn't feel like a coming out. I came out when I was like four years old," he joked. "My mom said she knew when I was like three. So I didn't have to actually properly come out."

Today, the recent American Music Awards winner is grateful for his success and still exploring what's next in his life both in and out of the music studio.

"I'm 22 as well," he shared. "I'm still trying to figure everything out."

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