Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Nick Jonas Reacts to Being Called a Heartthrob, Sadly Tells Fans He's Keeping His Shirt On in 2015

Between his successful single "Jealous" and just a few sexy photo shoots, the former Jonas Brothers member transformed into a Hollywood heartthrob right in front of our eyes.

So what does he think of all the attention?

"I'm not sure if I'm the only [heartthrob], but it is definitely flattering to get this kind of attention," he told Kode magazine's winter issue only available online. "Moving forward, I think I'm going to keep my shirt on for a little while and let my music take center stage."

Guess somebody won't be channeling Marky Mark anytime soon. Sorry, ladies. At least he's joining Iggy Azalea on her 2015 tour as the opening act.

Putting handsome looks aside, the 22-year-old is determined to continue his successful career both on stage and on the small screen.

But to be fair, the Kingdom star is not even sure whether he can predict his own future.

"Right now, I'm living in this moment and loving all the great things that are coming my way," he told the publication. "I've worked with some amazing people and had the opportunity to explore both music and acting."

He added, "In the future I just want to continue to pursue the things that excite me and that I'm passionate about."

And in regards to those comparisons that he could be the next Justin Timberlake, Jonas can't help but feel gratitude.

"This year has been incredible so far and I'm excited about the reactions to my new album," he explained. "I've worked really hard this past year to create a body of music that I'm extremely proud of."

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