Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Demi Lovato Gets Cutest Puppy Ever as Early Christmas Present

Demi Lovato got a puppy for Christmas!

The 22-year-old singer introduced the adorably tiny white ball of fluff Tuesday, Instagramming a sweet selfie with her new fur baby playing on the floor. She wrote cutely, "Guys....... SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She posted another snap of the little white dog (who very much resembles a maltese, although Demi has yet to confirm his breed) sitting beneath the Christmas tree. She could barely come up with words to caption the snuggly sight before her, so she settled on emojis, adding simply, "I MEAN........"
Demi posted videos playing with her precious present, too, asking in awe of the pup, "HOW IS HE REAL?!!!?!!!!!"

Puppies are miraculous creatures, indeed, and they are very real--so are the responsibilities and costs that come with them! Fortunately Demi, a known animal lover, is responsible and has the resources to care for a dog (which could possibly have been a Christmas present to herself or not a surprise at all). Most of the time, though, pets as gifts are a very bad idea.

As states, "People who give animals as gifts mean well, but their good intensions often misfire. Giving a pet as a gift is usually an ill-advised decision that can end tragically.
"People who receive a pet as a gift don't pay, but the gift is hardly free. It means a long-term commitment of time, money and energy that may exceed their abilities...Some people don't want a pet at all, or perhaps don't want one now. For those who are ready, it is crucial he or she picks a pet out for herself to make sure it's a good fit. A poor fit can mean the animal is sent to a shelter or another home which is hard on the pet and on the person who received the animal as a gift."

Moral of the story? Dogs and cats are wonderful and amazing, but pets are not products. As states, a successful adoption "requires time and thought." So instead of putting a bow on a puppy and calling it a day, give the gift of a donation to an animal nonprofit or a gift certificate to be used at a shelter when the potential owner is ready.

And if you can't get a dog of your own right now, don't fret: It seems like Demi will be posting enough pics of her little guy that we can all experience that puppy joy vicariously!

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