Friday, 14 November 2014

You'll Never Guess How Much Kim Kardashian Got Paid for Her Full-Frontal Nude Photo Shoot

The Internet was greeted with the shocking photo of Kim Kardashian's completely naked body yesterday (it was all out there, y'all), and numerous thoughts instantly ran through the minds of anyone who saw the pics--Is this real? Why is she naked? What's going on? But seriously, is this real? OMG, it's real...are just a few examples.

Another common question regarding her racy photo shoot: Just how much did Paper magazine pay her to go full-frontal for the issue? And the answer to that interesting little tidbit will surely surprise you.

"Kim was not paid to appear in the magazine," a rep from Paper tells E! News. "She was very excited to work with French photographer Jean-Paul Goude. Paper has never paid anyone to be on its cover."

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