Monday, 10 November 2014

You Can Now Edit Your Captions on Instagram, and It's About Damn Time!

Everyone remember this day. This is the day where our lives changed forever. Well, our Internet lives changed. And honestly, that's the life that really matters, right?

Today, Instagram announced a new feature that users have been begging for ever since you wrote under a sexy pic of you and your friends that said: "Love my ducking girls!" Do you delete the photo and re-upload it? But what if someone already saw the typo? Do you just keep it and correct your spelling in a comment? Or do you rage-uninstall Instagram altogether because the pain and embarrassment is just too much?

Now, you don't have to do any of that nonsense! You can just...edit your captions! Yes, Instagram finally rolled out a feature that they should have had since day one.

"We've added the ability to go back and edit captions on your posts. When you share a moment to Instagram, a typo shouldn't get in the way," Instagram wrote on its blog. "This has been one of the top requests that we've heard from the community, and we're excited to finally bring it to you today. You'll find a new 'Edit' option in the menu beneath your image. Tap it to edit your caption."

What a time to be alive!

Other updates from Instagram include a new and improved Explore page that makes it "faster to find people you want to follow." Plus, there's now a "People" tab that allows you to discover new accounts and/or cats you want to follow.

But really, the only update anyone cares about is the editing function on captions. The relief and sheer joy is palpable:

#Blessed #NOTBlesed #nomoretypos

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