Friday, 7 November 2014

Whoopi Goldberg Says The View Feud Rumors Are Sexist: ''Nobody Ever Asks Those Questions to the Guys''

When it comes to those pesky View feud rumors, Whoopi Goldberg is fighting back.

The hit ABC talk show, which features new faces Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez in addition to returning moderators Rosie O'Donnell and Goldberg, has been at the center of multiple reports claiming the ladies are seriously butting heads when the cameras aren't rolling.

Goldberg, who is the only returning panelist from last season, appeared on Late Night With David Letterman on Thursday, where she addressed the recent reports, implying that the claims are sexist while insisting there's no truth to the tabloid tales.

The 58-year-old TV personality, who has been on the show for "about six or seven" years, was asked to "quantify the difference" on the series following Barbara Walters' departure, and she didn't hesitate to express her approval for her new co-stars.

"New women. Just a bunch of new women and really smart women and I like them," Whoopi told Letterman. "People keep saying 'Oh my god, I'm hearing everything. You guys are killing each other over there' it's like 'Oh, OK, you've got four chicks and people expect you to fight...Women don't just do that."

Goldberg continued, pointing out that the rumors are sexist due to the fact that an all-male panel is never faced with the same reports.

"Nobody ever asks those questions to the guys," she said. "You've got five guys on ESPN and maybe they're sniping at each other, but nobody says, 'Oh the dudes are fighting.'"

(Safe to say she makes a solid point.)

"You know, we're grown-ups," Whoopi explained, noting how feuding would be childish. "We're hip grown-ups and we're good-looking women, but the fighting thing, teenagers are doing that, that's some stuff kids do, we don't do that. It's too tiring!"

As for why the reports continue to plague the show?

"In this country we've forgotten...when I was a kid at least, you knew people who weren't thinking exactly like you and it didn't mean that you couldn't be friends," she said. "And for some reason we have this things that's like, 'You can't be friends with somebody you don't agree with.' It's ridiculous."

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