Thursday, 6 November 2014

This Explorer Fed Himself to an Anaconda While Wearing a "Snake-Proof" Suit

If the movie Anaconda taught us anything, it's that those giant snakes intimately lock eyes with you before snapping your neck (for dramatic effect) and if Jon Voight gets swallowed and regurgitated by one, he will have enough life force left to wink creepily at you.

But apparently we haven't learned enough about anacondas, despite Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj's teachings on the subject, because explorer and filmmaker Paul Rosolie has decided that he should just go ahead and feed himself to one.

You read that right. This dude is willingly letting himself get swallowed whole by a big-ass snake! Why?

For science, we think?

The 30-year-old naturalist wore a custom-made "snake-proof" suit in order to enter the belly of the beast (literally), and it was all filmed for an upcoming Discover Channel documentary called Eaten Alive.

There are very few details about the special, which will air on Dec. 7, but what more info do you need? Homeboy is basically diving face first down an anaconda's throat! And even though this probably cannot end well for the snake, Paul promised on Twitter that "he would never hurt a living thing" after he drew some criticism from animal welfare groups.

So, now we have a couple questions about this whole thing:

1. Don't anacondas crush and/or suffocate their prey before devouring them?

2. What makes this special suit "snake-proof?"

3. Will Ice Cube be there to make smartass remarks the whole time?

If the answer to No. 3 is "no," then we aren't going to watch.

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