Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spoiler Chat: The Latest on The Vampire Diaries' Damon and Elena--Plus, Scandal, Arrow and More!

Matt Bomer is back on TV! And Mindy and Danny. And Damon and Elena. And the most hated man ever on Scandal. And basically...I'm not leaving the couch the whole week because there's so much good TV to look forward to, so please send water and canned goods and toiletries. And chocolate. Thanks!

Here's the latest exclusive TV scoop, courtesy of your super awesome questions...

Sara Sabulsky: Any scoop on when or how Damon and Elena's reuniting will go?! And how will Stefan deal with him coming back? #broment

From Vampire Diaries queen Julie Plec herself: "Now that Damon's finally back, he won't waste another second being without Elena.  But with her memories compelled away, she's not nearly as enthused by the prospect of seeing him.  Stefan was feeling lost, but the look on his face when Damon returned in last week's episode says it all.  The bond between these brothers is stronger than ever."  Julie adds, "When it comes to Damon, without the good, there's a whole lot of bad.  And Elena's still very much focused on that.  However, not knowing the full story of their relationship will eventually begin to gnaw at her, and she'll have to decide if that's something she can live with."

Danielle: Now that Bonnie sent Damon home, have we seen the last of Kai on The Vampire Diaries?

Doesn't sound like it! Christopher Wood, the totally sane (and hot!) guy behind the mass-murdering, family-killing sociopath, told us we're going to learn more about Kai's past. "We know that the reason that he's locked in this prison world is because he massacred his family," Wood said. "But we don't necessarily quite know much about what he was like before that incident. Was he a good kid? Was he normal? Did something happen to him? Or was he always difficult and challenging and this was just one of many things that happened? We'll learn more about that as the show goes on."

Theresa: I'm kind of scared by how much I'm loving Kai on The Vampire Diaries. What's he really up to?

We've been wondering that very same thing, so we went straight to the mass-murdering, sociopathic witch himself! "For me the most fun elements of Kai is learning what he can, can't and is trying to do," Chris Wood told us. "Nothing is ever what it seems with Kai and I think that his connection to Bonnie and Damon at the moment and what he wants to do and plans to do when he gets out of this prison world is going to be very exciting for fans to see."

Jasmine: Forget Team Fitz and Team Jake, I'm Team Olivia! Girl needs to break away and be on her own for a bit, amiright?

Preach, although we love Scandal's Fitz and Jake for different reasons. Soon there  may be a new love interest in the mix by the name of Ian. He's described as "charismatic" and "intelligent." Now we're not saying if he'll be vibing with Olivia or somebody else, but there is potential there.

Gregory: How long will Abby's abusive ex-boyfriend be around?

Just one episode. Played by Battlestar star Michael Trucco. And he was her husband. Prepare to haaaaaaaaate on him!  He makes his appearance this week.

peaceloveeAngie: Anything on when Joshua Jackson character Cole finds out about what Alison is up to?? #SpoilerChat

 Angie, do not miss the opening scene of this Sunday's episode of The Affair. That is all. (And stick around for the rest of the episode, too. S--t. Goes. Down.)

thisismydesignn: Any idea if/when we'll see more of @TimDeKay on #AgentsOfSHIELD? #SpoilerChat

When DeKay was cast, he was only set to appear in last week's episode. But we just learned that he's back for at least one more episode airing Nov. 18, and it's going to be a huge one for the warring Ward brothers! When Grant kidnaps his older brother, Senator Christian Ward, he takes him on a "violent trip down memory lane." Sounds like Christian is about to seriously regret his decision to have his younger brother transferred from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s high-tech bunker into FBI custody--allowing Ward to break free and escape government custody in th

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