Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Oops! Megyn Kelly Accidentally Calls Mike Huckabee "Mike F--kabee" on Live TV

Fox News' Megyn Kelly had a big oops moments on live TV Monday!

The 43-year-old Kelly File host was introducing guest Mike Huckabee when she accidentally mispronounced his last name. While the flub was an innocent mistake, viewers at home got an F-bomb earful that was pretty hilarious (to us anyway).

"Joining me now, a former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, who is the host of F--ka...Huckabee," Kelly said, realizing she accidentally cursed and said his name wrong. "Right here on the Fox News Channel. He's also a former Republican presidential candidate. Governor, good to see you."


During Kelly's "F--kabee" flub, Huckabee flashed a smirk but remained mostly composed despite the NSFW mistake.

As for viewers who were watching The Kelly File on Monday, some took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the funny F-bomb accident. "Can we get #f--kabee trending?" one person wrote.

"Of course thanks to Megyn Kelly we now know what they call Mike Huckabee behind the scenes at Fox News Channel :D," another shared.

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