Thursday, 6 November 2014

No Bra? No Problem! Miley Cyrus Uses Chicken Legs to Cover Her Breasts--See the Proof!

Miley Cyrus is sure getting creative when it comes to outfits lately...

The singer posted a shot of herself on Instagram sporting cartoon chicken legs in lieu of a bra earlier today--and wearing nothing else.

Well, that's not technically accurate, actually...she was also wearing a grotesque mouthpiece that masked her perfectly pearly whites.

And while it's not like it's the first time that we've seen her in wacky getups (or even showing this much skin, ahem), it does seem to be the first time faux poultry has been added into the mix.

So much for Lady Gaga's meat dress, right?

But maybe Cyrus is sporting her latest creative costume for her new love interest, Patrick Schwarzenegger?

E! News just reported that the former Disney darling has been casually dating the former governor's son and that the two have been spending an increasing amount of time together.

A separate source, however, says that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger are "not officially together," and that they're "good friends."

Hmm...only time will tell if things really heat up between the pop star and the up-and-coming model.

Credits: E!

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