Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jennifer Aniston Talks Rings, Both Her Missing Engagement Diamond and the Sex Toy She Wears Around Her Neck in Horrible Bosses 2

Before there was Jennifer Lawrence charming folks by saying any ole thing...

There was Jennifer Aniston's girl-you-just-wanna-hang-out-with vibe.

And she's still got it, sitting down for a characterically frank chat with E! News during the Horrible Bosses 2 junket, during which she admitted that she's got a dirty sense of humor ("I think we all do, don't we?" she wondered) and singled out Jason Sudeikis as the big loser if she were forced to play "[Bleep], Marry, Kill" with her co-stars.

Of course, maybe she just had Sudeikis on the brain, considering he also was the only one to realize that her character was wearing a c--k ring as a necklace during filming. Wait... what?!

In addition to the S&M-ready "leathery, strappy bra" her dirty dentist wears, Aniston also mentioned that "her lovely necklace was actually a c--k ring."

"You know, the only person that actually knew that was, you can take a guess who that was, one of the boys came up and said," she continued, lowering her voice, 'Is that a c--k ring you're wearing?'"

And we just happened to guess that, out of Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day, Sudeikis was the one with the intimate knowledge of sex toys worn as jewelry--and E! News was right!

With the rapport in full swing, we also asked which one of the guys she'd invite to her wedding one day, should she have to pick only one.

"Well, Bateman I've known longer, for over 20 years, so if you're putting a gun to my head," Aniston, who's been engaged to Justin Theroux for two years, said. "But I'd want Suedeikis and Charlie there, too. Everybody come!" She waved her hands in a devil-may-care fashion. "You've all heard about it."

Indeed, which is probably also why the peanut gallery was so interested when the Cake star was spotted without her sparkly engagement ring a couple of weeks ago. The bauble, which was being cleaned at the time, was safely back in place at Saturday night's Governors Awards, where she stunned on the red carpet alongside Theroux.

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