Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Believes in Aging Gracefully, Likes Her Wrinkles--Get the Scoop on Her Beauty Philosophy!

 an interview with the UK magazine Stylist, the 42-year-old actress details her current beauty mantras, including what she appreciates about her wrinkles, her go-to skincare secrets and why she avoids the mirror in the mornings.

One thing that's not part of Paltrow's beauty regime? Scrutinizing herself in the a.m., ever. (We stand with you on that one, Gwyneth).

"I'd rather die than [study] my face like that," she quipped. "I just brush my teeth and try to get dressed and get everyone up."

Paltrow admits that she does not do much with makeup outside of industry events or when filming a new movie. Her everyday beauty look consists of a little lip gloss and mascara.

"I do try--especially in the last five years--to be good about washing my face properly then exfoliating and moisturizing before bed," she shared. "Taking an inside-out approach to beauty has always been my philosophy--that and sleep, good nutrition and a bit of exercise--especially when it comes to skin."

The actress' latest Max Factor ads were revealed this week, a promotion in which Paltrow channels one of the ultimate beauty icons: Marilyn Monroe. The '40s- and '50s-inspired shoot follow earlier ads where Gwyneth recreated looks made famous by Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett and Madonna. The Monroe pictures show Gwyneth with a bold pink pout and lash-lengthening mascara.

"Mascara really helps a girl out. It makes you look like you've had a nice nap," Paltrow said. She prefers Max Factor's formula over that of luxury brands.

As for skin and haircare, Paltrow goes for hydrating organic products on both counts.

"I love organic face oil--right now I love Sonya Dakar's Flash Facial and Organic Omega Booster oil," she said. "I always keep my skin really hydrated on a flight."

Paltrow explains that she embraces her wrinkles as symbols of the experiences that preceded them. She prefers the point of life she is in now over the uncertain period of her early twenties.

"Of course I can get into the frame of mind where I get critical...but I really try to not do that and try to appreciate the incredible life I've lived and all I've learned," she said. "I like that all of that is written on my face."

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